About Us

About us

Lifeness was started in 2018 by the founders Maria Arlén Larsen and Solvor Øverlien Magi. Our goal is to help both health professionals and patients to overcome the difficulties with lifestyle changes. We have developed a digital medical platform for health clinics and their employees and patients. Both health professionals and patients have been working closely with us to make the best user experience. This has been extremely important for us to make sure the system works in a smooth and efficient way.

We are affiliated with Norway Health Tech's incubator Aleap at Oslo Science Park.

Founder team


Maria Arlén Larsen MD, PhD

CBDO and Founder


Maria Arlén is a medical doctor specializing in obesity, weight-loss and lifestyle disorders through her PhD, obesity education from Harvard University and daily clinical work. Marias many years of expertise in the obesity field have been of importance for developing several private obesity clinics and obesity teams within the specialist health service.



e-mail: maria@lifeness.no

Solvor Øverlien Magi

CEO and Founder


Solvor has 29+ years of leadership experience from companies like SATS, Savo, Holmris B8 and EVO. She has also successfully contributed to the start-up of several companies like Circle Innovation, Senzie, SHE mentor program, EVO (fitness chain of 40 clubs). She also owned four SATS clubs.

Her background is from leadership and technology.


e-mail: solvor@lifeness.no

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