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Maria Arlén Larsen

MD, PhD, CBDO and Founder


Maria Arlén is a medical doctor specializing in obesity, weight-loss and lifestyle disorders through her PhD, obesity education from Harvard University and daily clinical work. Marias many years of expertise in the obesity field have been of importance for developing several private obesity clinics and obesity teams within the specialist health service.



e-mail: maria@lifeness.no

Solvor Øverlien Magi

CEO and Founder


Solvor is a serial entrepreneur and has worked as a manager/director for B8, Savo, SATS and EVO. She is a co-founder of EVO fitness (chain of 35 fitness clubs), and co-founder of SHE mentor program. Solvor has a background from IT, with consultancy work and as a project manager for building and implementing membership systems for SATS and EVO.


e-mail: solvor@lifeness.no

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